One hundred percent of Wind, Water & Sunlight at the year 2050

Vietnam stood between choosing or backwards or straight proceed to the goal of clean energy as the general trend of the world.

A study in 2015 of Stanford University, California (United States) launched a roadmap for 139 countries and speak up about the development of the strength of the economy with sustainable development of renewable forms of energy such as wind power, solar energy and hydro power to 2050. This work laid out the agenda of the world can reach the "80% of the WWS" ( wind, water and sunlight) in 2030 and reaches 100% in 2050.

All World Summit on Environment and Development are committed to sustainable development through a new approach on the building of the municipality, from which arise out of the new calling "Urban sustainability", "Eco-municipality" and then to "Smart city". They all want to progress to the goal of building the modern municipality, to meet the needs of human development but still guarantee the quality of the environment, the health of the people, minimized the break the natural landscape, and preserving the natural resources.

This is the life that everybody on the earth are aiming. Therefore, when the American President Donald Trump withdrew the Treaty Against Climate Change has caused discontent reaction around the world, including in the United States. Because the United Nations Summit on climate change (COP21) in Paris have asserted against climate change is "a process that is virtually irreversible, unless want to go into history". In China, India and even America, coal is being gradually replaced by shale gas to produce electricity. Everywhere, the fossil energy are backwards. Six months ago, in fact, 360 multinational corporations have signed on to the call to expand the fight against climate change.

In Vietnam, at the same time, there is a lot of information to go against each other on energy development. On the one hand, a lot of large projects on development of wind energy, solar power energy is published. Notably, the GE group together developers of renewable energy Mainstream Renewable Power and PHU CUONG Vietnams Corporation has signed cooperation agreements worth us 2 billion US Dollars to develop, build and operate wind power farms with a capacity of 800 MW in SOC TRANG. Or quite new here, Quang Tri Province People's Committee had decided to approve the investment project advocates home Electric Wind Direction HUONG PHUNG 1 and the Power Corporation No 2 with capacity of 30MW scale, the total investment capital of 1,265 billion. The people's Committee of BINH THUAN Province to browse more projects produce electricity using renewable energy, invested anticipated about 94,150 billion, focused primarily in the districts TUY PHONG and HAM TAN. these is the solar power project of Vietnam electricity, the gas power plant project SON MY 1, the venture's Franco-Japanese investment group with a total investment capital of 2.2 billion US dollars.

Cheap or expensive facilities :
Contrary to the trend with “No-Coal-Fired” of coal thermal power is increasing in the world, Vietnam also continues to expand with plans to 2030, increased more than 3 times the figure 22 factories today. According to statistics, the country currently has about 20 coal thermal power plants are operated with total capacity placed air 13.110 MW, consume about 45 million tons of antracit coal a year. The amount of ash, slag, plaster discharged more than 15,700 million tons per year. Even, in 2030, in the Mekong Delta, where as region is subject to heavy damage due to climate change and the impact of the use of water, will have up to 14 coal thermal power plant with a total installed capacity of more than 18,000 Mega Watt.

The Vietnam’s Electricity Corporation (EVN) and Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to promote development of coal thermal power is by this energy source has a cheap price, in line with current economic conditions. In particular, the representatives of the scientific and technical review, Vietnam Heat after hydro power, coal power for low power, cost about 7 cents/kWh; the investment was not too high, about 1,500 USD/kWh, lower hydro-electric-power, solar power, wind power, nuclear power.

However, the UN expert reviews, say that coal power is not really cheap by this new power input only. The time has come to calculate properly, exact for coal power prices, including the cost of the environment, the health of the people affected ... that is not to mention the cost of the investment for the infrastructure category for the import of coal, such as seaharbours / ports, roads …ect.. If all the above, coal power prices will certainly be the most expensive source of energy. Stanford University research group, estimates that the total number of conversions WWS will save for each person in a national averages 170.-USD per person per year on fuel costs, 2,880.- USD cost of air pollution and cost 1,930.- USD climate change (the year of 2013).
The research team of Stanford University said, the land-use requirements in the green and clean energy project is very small, at minimum, only 0.29% of the land area. According to author Mark z. Jacobson, WWS included not only energy/electricity but also affect the field of transportation, heating, cooling, in addition, also affected many industries, agriculture, forestry and fisheries respectively.

On top of that, Stanford said the main benefits of the conversion of WWS almost eliminate the threat of environmental pollution, a number of diseases and reduce the mortality and the condition of the earth to heat up, creating a network linking employment, price stability, reducing international conflict because energy demand by each country would be on energy independence. It will bring power to more than 4 billion people around the world.

Finally, the WWS conversion in a positive way all over the world will avoid the risk of explosion of the level of CO2 emissions and thereby hoping to avoid catastrophic climate change. 100% goal by 2050, WWS whether Vietnam has achieved ??? The question to be posed is the main desire of Vietnams energy policy will flow into, the path  of human progress in the world today. Renewable energy is a golden investment opportunity for businesses by the almost inexhaustible reserves while the energy price stability and can predict. If there is good policy, the involvement of enterprises in this sector is also an opportunity to Vietnam made its targets on clean energy,

Chairperson / Member of World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)

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