No Rooftop Left Behind

No Rooftop Left Behind Future Vision

"...Imagine a time when every rooftop in the world has a solar panel on it. Looking at Google Earth, all the rooftops you see would have panels. Panels would provide power or heat, or both. I am calling this vision "no rooftop left behind." That phrase may ring familiar to Americans who recall the "no child left behind" legislation in 2001, which mandated educational standards for children - everyone is included, no one left out. Let's think the same way about rooftops. Let’s adopt this phrase into our common lexicon. Let’s make this a rallying call for the future of our planet ...

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No Rooftop Left Behind

Dr. Eric Martinot
Senior Fellow, IASS-Potsdam
Senior Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy Politics, Tokyo
Senior Policy Advisor, Japan Renewable Energy Foundation


WCRE Member of Chairpersons Board Eric Martinot
calls for "No Rooftop Left Behind"

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