Members of the WCRE are, whilst fully maintaining their respective individual independence:

  • individuals acting to promote a global energy supply by Renewable Energy;
  • non-Governmental Organisations and Institutions working in the field of Renewable Energy, environmental protection, development aid, agriculture and agro-forestry, industry, architecture, and sciences;
  • enterprises producing, financing, or supplying Renewable Energy;
  • scientific institutes working in the field of Renewable Energy.

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The World Council for Renewable Energy is coordinated by

  • a chairmen committee, from five continents, who appoint a General Chairman from among the committee;

The members of the initial chairmen committee were:
Scheer, Hermann, Bonn/ Berlin (General Chairman)
Abdallah, Ahmedou Ould, USA
Bakshi, Rakesh, New Delhi, India
Droege, Peter, Sydney, Australia
Eckhart, Michael, USA
Associated member: Maegaard, Preben, Denmark, President of the World Wind Energy Association

  • an advisory committee consisting of individuals and representatives of international organisations and institutions, international companies and scientific institutes.

The chairpersons and the members of the advisory committee are appointed at the biennial meetings of the World Council for Renewable Energy.
The advisory committee decides on the conditions for membership, the chairmen committee decides on the admission of members.
The secretariat of the World Council for Renewable Energy is organised by EUROSOLAR for the time being.

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